Teleoperation of any vehicle? It can be done.

Why Teleoperation?

It enables companies to remotely control their devices and vehicles – boosting employee productivity and work effectivity.

Spares time

Teleoperation spares time which would otherwise be used for travel to and between the vehicles.

Boosts work productivity

A single operator can  easily control multiple vehicles at the same time. For example when they are driven autonomously.

Saves money spent

No more waiting for cargo to be loaded or unloaded. The operator can simply switch to another vehicle.

Increases employee mobility

Do you have only a handful of qualified operators, who travel a lot to for work? Now your employees can work from an office.

Where does teleoperation shine?

Train & Tram depots

Construction machinery

Municipal equipment



Your industry

Interested in our solution?

The entire teleoperation solution is made up of three main modules

Remote station

The target vehicle is controlled by an operator from a remote station. The operator can see all of the camera streams and comfortably control the vehicle. Control elements can be adjusted.




Onboard unit

The onboard unit interconnects the remote station and the target vehicle’s controls by forwarding the necessary instructions. It also ensures secure connection between the units and manages a custom camera set.

Target vehicle

The target vehicle is connected to the remote station through the onboard unit. It must implement a set of sensorics (6 cameras, for example) which are constantly on and stream these images to the remote station.

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